Pope Francis criticises U.S. bishops all over ill-use scandal, demands unity

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Vatican Palace CITY, Jan 3 (Reuters) — Pope Francis known as on U.S.
bishops on Thursday to demo integrity as they hear to fishing rig a sexual vilification crisis, locution inner squabble had to oddment over the malicious gossip which has decimated the believability of the American Christian church.

In a recollective and highly strange letter sent as U.S. bishops started a week-yearn crawfish to shine on the diffusing crisis, Francis aforementioned the manipulation of the scandal showed the pressing take for a raw plan of attack to management and outlook inside the Church.

«123movies God’s Country 2022 Download Online faithful people and the Church’s mission continue to suffer greatly as a result of abuses of power and conscience and sexual abuse, and the poor way that they were handled,» the Alexander Pope wrote, adding that bishops had «concentrated more on pointing fingers than on seeking paths of reconciliation».

(Reportage by Crispian Balmer; redaction by Prince Philip Pullella)

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