Solar as well as Geothermal Renewable Energy — Is it The right Time To Move? Absolutely Yes

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About a year ago I switched sources of energy off gas and oil to solar and geothermal energy. In hindsight which was a smart move for many reasons but a lot more so with the latest level of disruption currently taking place in the Middle East and the resulting uncertainty in the price and availability of fuel oil immediately and in the future.
A lot of men and women think that solar & or geothermal are not cheap but in case I said to you that my payback, in living inexhaustible, was less than 4 years and that the federal government, dark age defense amazon — a cool way to improve, state and electricity company contributions nearly halved the first purchase of mine, would this not intrigue you to need to know a lot more about becoming energy independent?
In moving to renewable energy it gave me the satisfaction that my carbon footprint had shrunk but I suppose best of all is the money I’m currently saving since I have little to no energy costs and with an environmentally friendly income produced from the renewable energy credits developed by my solar energy installation. For all intensive purposes I’ve achieved my goal of energy independence without losing the shirt from my back. Allow me to explain how.
Returned aproximatelly a year ago I was paying lots of money in energy costs a season to heat and cool my all electric home of about 4,700 square feet. With the prediction that the electric energy rates of mine would jump an additional 10 to 20 % actually got me motivated. Not just that but the comfort level of mine was being compromised, the house was still way too cold in cold weather as well as extremely warm in the summer as I was starting to be a lot more miserly in energy usage that actually was affecting my family’s lifestyle. But what made me genuinely jump was the government and state aid to travel inexhaustible; large tax credits, state discounts and in addition renewable power earnings.

In exploring renewable energy sources I uncovered the following;

• using geothermal energy reduces the home’s energy demand

Joining Technologies Announces Enhancements to its Infinite Web All-In ...• a lesser solar array can subsequently handle the remaining household energy demands
The result; a significantly smaller original investment in solar (quality solar power systems are expensive) as well as a significantly smaller solar panel impact. The combination of the two energy types resulted in a 30 % smaller original investment than simply sun and achieved the preferred outcome associated with a net zero energy house. The home of mine this winter sat perfectly at sixty nine degrees F and last summer time that had been hot stayed at a nice 70 degrees F and the annual power company bill of mine was under $300!